Tuesday, October 07, 2014


STITCH OF THE MONTH - October 2014
Ribbing with Mock Cable is a wide rib pattern that features a slanted mock ribbing pattern in vertical columns. The ribbing creates elasticity through the width of the fabric and the mock cable creates slanted mock cables that are knit by crossing 2 stitches rather than using a cable needle to move the 1 stitch to the back. 

It can be used on edgings such as cuffs and hems, or in a pattern where shaping is necessary such as at the waist.

Ribbing with Mock Cable
(Multiples of 7 + 2 stitches)
Row 1 (RS)   P2, *C2B, k3, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 2 (and every WS row)  K2, *p5, k2; repeat from * to end
Row 3           P2, *k1, C2B, k2, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 5           P2, *k2, C2B, k1, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 7           P2, *k3, C2B, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 8           K2, *p5, k2; repeat from * to end
These 8 rows form the Ribbing with Mock Cable.

C2B   Cross 2 Back - Knit 2nd stitch on needle through back loop and then knit the first stitch slipping both stitches off the needles at the same time.
RS     Right side
WS    Wrong side

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