Monday, February 02, 2015


Stitch of the Month - February 2015
The Bamboo stitch pattern is created by passing a yarn-over over two knit stitches creating strands that runs horizontally across the fabric. The overall effect resembles a woven fabric. While it is a not truly reversible stitch pattern, the reverse side of the fabric has an interesting and appealing texture. This simple stitch pattern that is worked over an even number of stitches over a two-row repeat has a lot of texture and depth.

This stitch pattern would look lovely using a variegated yarn and would alleviate any problems with pooling that can sometimes occur with variegated yarns.

I love simplicity and the texture of this stitch.

Bamboo Stitch
(Multiples of 2 sts)
Row 1    K1, *yo, k2, pass yo over both sts; repeat from * to last st, k1
Row 2    Purl
These 2 rows form the Bamboo stitch pattern.

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