Sunday, May 14, 2017


Stitch of the Month -  May 2017
Medallions are knit using a set of double-pointed (5) needles. They can be created by increasing as you work from the centre out or by decreasing from the outer circumference inwards to the centre. They can also be knit in a number of different shapes including square, round, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. 

Medallions can be used as mats or as doilies but they can also be sewn together to create blankets, bedspreads or cushion covers. 

The square medallion shape would work well for items were you want to create a patchwork effect of squares by sewing a number of medallions together using different colours or fibres. The increases are created using yarn overs.

Square Medallion with Swirling Increases
Cast on 8 sts (2 sts on each of the 4 dpn using 5th dpn to work sts)
Set up Round  Knit into back of each st
Round 1  yo at the beginning of each of the 4 needles 
Repeat Round 1 until square is required size ensuring each needles has the same number of sts for uniformity of each square.
Bind off loosely.

Note: To make the swirls increase counter-clockwise, do the yarn overs before the last stitch on each of the 4 needles instead of placing the yarn overs at the beginning.

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